Data analytics are essential to an effective compliance program. For compliance professionals, the quantitative analytics that are developed from leveraging structured and unstructured data effectively is critical for identifying control gaps, optimizing processes and aligning with your company’s strategic plan.

But with a myriad of data inputs – how do you develop focus? How do you capture and synthesize internal and external data sources for evaluating distributors and suppliers? And how can you leverage data visualization to communicate all of this effectively?

Shed light on the above and more in a visionary webinar as Dan Garen, Partner at DLA Piper and former CCO of Danaher, and Christian Foccacci, VP of Product Offering at Steele, discuss “Transforming Data Flows Into Actionable Insights” to learn more about how you can use quantitative analytics to enhance your compliance system and adapt it to a business accelerator.

No matter where your compliance program is in its data journey, this webinar will show you some of the tools that can be used to demonstrate the real business benefits of your compliance program.